Single Chamber Vacuum Packing Machine

The Right Machine for Large Production Requirement
Standard Features
  • PLC based control panel with 4 Line LCD display from "MITSUBISHI" - JAPAN.
  • Mobile with 4 Nos. trolley wheels. 2 Front wheels will be lockable.
  • Stainless steel housing. Noo sharp edges. Easy to wipe.
  • Cutout of toughned glass to view the packaging process from the top.
  • Entirely made from stainless steel, cast aluminium & other non ferrous materials.
  • Oil mist separator to remove the oil mist from vaccum pump exhaust.
  • Soft ventilation - a gradual air influx for ventilation process to compensate pressure to save the product apperance and material.
  • Manual vaccum stop button for liquids & semiliquids.
  • Plastic filler plates to make the operation fast & easy.
Optional Features
  • Inert Gas Flushing Unit.
  • Tilted Inserts with Magnetic supports for Liquids & Semi Liquids.
  • PLC Based Control Unit.
  • Gas pressure monitoring device for nitrogen & carbon dioxide.
  • "BUSCH" (Made in Germany) Vaccum Pump.
Technical Specification
SCT300 SCT400 SCT550 SCT600 SCT700
Chamber Size L395 X W380 X H100mm L340 X W520 X H70mm L560 X W590 X H80mm L660 X W610 X H80mm L750 X W520 X H75mm
Usable Chamber Width (Distance Between Sealbar) 300mm 304mm 450mm 510mm 450mm
Seal Length 300mm (12") 406mm (16") 550mm (21") 600mm (24") 700mm (28")
Seal Width 5-10mm 5-10mm 5-10mm 5-10mm 5-10mm
No. of Sealbar 1 2 2 2 2
Power Supply 1phase, AC 220V,50/60Hz 1phase, AC 220V,50/60Hz 1phase, AC 220V/3phase, AC 415V,50/60Hz 3phase, AC 415V,50/60Hz 3phase, AC 415V,50/60Hz
Power KW / HP 0.37KW / 0.5HP 0.75KW / 1HP 0.75KW / 1HP 1.5KW / 2HP 2.2KW / 3HP